What is Love? A Poem Written by Samantha James

I thought this poem, pondering the essence of love, written by Samantha James might be something to ponder about when you’re sipping your favourite Saturday afternoon drink.

The Lonely Reader

This is a poem I wrote and really hope everyone enjoys reading. It is suppose to be light and pondering. I also wanted to express that love is anything and everything. That is comes in all forms, sizes, shapes, and ways. You just have to look …

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The Lost City

How beautiful old cities are – a link to our not so distant past – yet modern structures often destroy their charm. Thanks, Sebnem! Your thoughts are memorable💐💐


Istanbul from the airIstanbul from the air drone video


Once it was a natural channel,

designed by the ingenuity of time,

now reclaimed on both sides,

by man’s insatiable greed to interfere


Once it was a park and a green square,

now a desert of grey concrete,

decorated with tulips in wooden crates,

to fool the eye.


Once it was a green forest

that stretched all the way to the Black Sea,

now a jungle of skyscrapers,

motorways and access roads to bridges

that suffocate the lungs of the ancient town.


Eternal city, I weep for you

I have photographed my memories

and hid them for future generations

to show how mankind can destroy

his habitat and the soul of a city.

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Review – If Only There Was Music … – Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordan

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