Series Notes 12# – The Orphans’ Fright: an African Story

It has been a difficult and often frustrating job to produce a LARGE PRINT. I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar issues when uploading on to Amzaon just to discover that all the chapters and page numbers are different. I stopped counting how many times I had to re-upload the manuscript.
I have also improved the black and white illustrations which look much clearer now – not so much grey scale, hopefully!

Maretha Botha Children's Books and Illustrations


Many of you might have wondered why I seemed rather quiet on Social Media, but despite the apparent absence, I’ve been polishing a few of Fauna Park Tales’ older manuscripts which was fun, despite a spinal injury, for the most of the time . . .

However, the fun stopped when I tried to upload a perfectly formatted, illustrated paperback  manuscript – no turn-over-the-page sentence midway at the bottom of odd page numbers, but ending each sentence and starting a new paragraph at the top of the even page – until I opened the Amazon Reviewer and all the spaces had moved!

Now, adding to my woes, I’m trying to do the same with a LARGE PRINT book with illustrations; my nails are gone and my nerves are in shreds after uploading a manuscript at least 20 times . . . (I stopped counting to maintain my sanity). Here is…

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