Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is a poignant moment to ponder prospects for 2018. I’m sure you’ll like this image as much as I do!

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The Lost City

How beautiful old cities are – a link to our not so distant past – yet modern structures often destroy their charm. Thanks, Sebnem! Your thoughts are memorable💐💐


Istanbul from the airIstanbul from the air drone video


Once it was a natural channel,

designed by the ingenuity of time,

now reclaimed on both sides,

by man’s insatiable greed to interfere


Once it was a park and a green square,

now a desert of grey concrete,

decorated with tulips in wooden crates,

to fool the eye.


Once it was a green forest

that stretched all the way to the Black Sea,

now a jungle of skyscrapers,

motorways and access roads to bridges

that suffocate the lungs of the ancient town.


Eternal city, I weep for you

I have photographed my memories

and hid them for future generations

to show how mankind can destroy

his habitat and the soul of a city.

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