My Reviews – Books by Robert Fear

I have three of Robert Fear’s Books on my shelf:

1. The first and second edition of  “TRAVEL STORIES AND HIGHLIGHTS”. which were originally posted on the Fred’s Diary Blog.  Here is my contribution as found on page 124

“I found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – soaked all over by the swirling mists of the mighty Zambezi River – laughing out loud and singing at the same time. Unbelievable!  After fifty years of looking longingly at its pictures, I finally stood at the crest of a 330-foot abyss, reverberating with the never-ending sound of millions of voices: a thundering curtain of water, dropping into the depths below.  Although I travelled far and wide, I’ll never forget the Victoria Falls near a town called, Livingstone.”

My Review: on 27 June 2016

“Travel Stories and Highlights” has a special place on my bookshelf, because I love reading these memoirs which are written by various authors.Thus I enjoyed reading about everyone’s incredible experiences and have reread some of the travel tales again. Mr. Fear undertook a great task, successfully putting this collection together. I feel however, that not all the contributors cared enough about the privilege to feature in a book such as this when it comes to polishing and editing their final manuscripts before allowing publication – a pity. If you can overlook this, I am confident that you’ll still view this collection as a worthwhile read.”
Note from me:  Mr Fear has updated this first edition and I now have the paperback for this. So, I recommend your obtaining this lovely travel book.
2. “EXCLUSIVE PEDIGREE My Life in and out of the Brethren” by John Fear, edited by Robert Fear

I would like to introduce EXCLUSIVE PEDIGREE… to you, quoting Julie Haig, a Top 1000 reviewer, using this as a Book Description.

“John Fear was born into a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren. This sheltered him from the outside world as he grew up, but could not hide him from its influences. A struggle began in his mind that led him to leave the Brethren, along with his young family. This is a story that was always meant to be told. During his later life John Fear had prepared a lot of the book, along with notes for chapters that he knew would not be completed. It is only now, over twenty years later, that the book is finally being published. It contains original content written by John, along with diary notes, letters and magazine articles. The final chapters are written by his second eldest son, Alastair. The memoir is introduced and edited by his eldest son, Robert, as a tribute to his father’s amazing life. Recommendation “Great intro, so much is said in just a few words. The author has put lots of feeling into it too. A quality presentation. Excellent cover, excellent photos, chapter titles and accuracy. Lovely evocative writing. Well, thank heaven that Robert Fear decided to publish his father’s gem of a book! This is not to be missed – I simply couldn’t put it down! John Fear certainly had an entertaining command of the English language and tells a wonderful tale of his life. There is great variety from cosy family memories to horrific scenes in a coup. A variety of techniques are used to portray this memoir – diary entries, a telegram, and letters. I like the travel aspect to this memoir too – I wasn’t expecting it. A fantastic book. A wonderful and powerful tribute.” 

My Review

Choices and Consequences

on 3 March 2017
I won this book in a competition and now, finally had an opportunity to read it. I found a few unusual things about the book. Firstly, this is not Robert Fear’s memoir, but his father’s, yet he conveys his father’s history with so much care and insight that I came away, feeling as if I knew John personally.
Secondly, the memoir deals with so many issues which are relevant, even today. I admire people who can have the courage of their conviction, even when their choices might not of necessity be what I would have done.
I think Robert Fear can be proud of his achievement, compiling and editing this inspiring novel. If you like reading memoirs with a difference and a strong religious tone, you will enjoy “Exclusive Pedigree …”


Robert Fear

Born in Leicester in 1955, Robert’s family moved to Surrey when he was 11. He was educated at Reigate Grammar School. After this he worked in a bank in the city for several years before getting the travel bug. Fred, a nickname he got at school, stuck throughout his travels and has remained with him to this day. His travels took him to Ibitha for the summer of 1977, hitch-hiking around Europe in 1978 and the USA and Canada in 1979. During this time he also settled and worked in Germany. Fred’s Diary 1981 was written during the 158 days he spent travelling around Asia.

These days Robert is happily settled in Eastbourne, East Sussex where he lives with his wife and three cats. He works as a software consultant and has been able to combine work with some travel during the past fifteen years, having visited countries as far apart as Australia, Singapore, Ghana and Suriname.

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