Sebnem Sanders – A Debut Novel

I’ve enjoyed reading some of Sebnem’s thought- provoking short sketches. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too. Her book has a LOOK INSIDE and TRY ME ( I hope this is the correct name for it!) via Ripples on the Pond


Of Supermoons and Inspiration

It is impossible not be in awe of the supermoon which happened on the 3rd of December. Its appearance started off a trilogy of consecutive supermoons; the next ones happen on the 1st of January and then again on the 31st of January 2018. This final one will also coincide with a lunar eclipse. Those … Continue reading Of Supermoons and Inspiration


This event will be even better than the one we had last year.  Nonnie Jules has a few interesting titbits in this post, which I'm sure you'll enjoy if you haven't read it yet. Also, if you've not registered yet for this writing conference, I know you'll be convinced to do so after you've read … Continue reading A #WRITING CONFERENCE YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! #RRBC

Create a Crave and Give Your Characters an Added Dimension

What qualities, likes or dislikes can you give your characters? Linda Mims has some fabulous ideas!👠👠

The Long and Short Stories of Life

I love a pretty shoe. Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin—they light up my eyes and cause my heart to race. I walk into a fine department store, head for the shoe section, and just breathe in the new shoe air. My eyes caress the soft leather and stroke the many colors. Sometimes, I try them on.

Designer heels Image by

I am deceptively clever at getting the sales people to bring them out to me. The secret is to dress well, and look as though you have nothing but disdain for shopping. Alas, shopping is a necessity so, bring me those Jimmy Choos in a size eight, please!

After I’ve admired them in the full-length mirror, I quietly remove them, slip them back into the box, and go on my way. I didn’t say that I own a pretty shoe. I just love them. The higher the heel…

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Review – If Only There Was Music … – Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordan

I downloaded this beautiful collection of love poems a while ago and have been reading and re-reading many of them. I love Nonnie Jules rhythmic and often rhyming style of putting thoughts together in a most satisfying way. I was also happy to read some of Gianni Jordan's work. Book Description This is a book … Continue reading Review – If Only There Was Music … – Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordan

Pinkie and Pow-wow – Part Two

I haven’t had time to get down to read the next exciting instalment of Pinkie and Pow, but I’m glad I caught up! Thanks Dawn!

Dawn Delivers

Due to popular demand (two is popular right?) it’s time for the second instalment of my tale of those two playful pups. In case you missed it Part One is here:

And now… Part Two:

Pinkie let out a small yawn before snuggling her head deeper into Lucy’s lap. The game of chase with Pow-wow had lasted about half an hour before the pup had stopped dead, curled up where she had stood and fell into a deep sleep. Lucy had moved to get to her feet and, Pinkie presumed, lift the new dog into her arms so Pinkie quickly leapt onto the sofa and and claimed her spot. The white dog wasn’t fully prepared to share Lucy just yet. It might be fun to have a smaller dog to play chase with, but even better if that dog could then stay on the floor while Pinkie got…

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Review – With Angel’s Wings – Stephanie Collins   I have nothing more to add to my review, which follows here.  I enjoyed the memoir. What more can I say? True Love Endures All Life's Adversities ByMarethMBothaon May 14, 2017 Format: Paperback "This was by no means an easy read and I had a hard time coming to grips with the initial … Continue reading Review – With Angel’s Wings – Stephanie Collins

Laura Libricz – RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour

  I'm so happy to have Laura Libricz as my guest today.  As you can see, I'm encouraging you to linger longer, savouring a cup of espresso from Umbria, Italy and enjoy the lovely roses carefully selected for you by a special little girl! This is Laura's seventh and final day of her RRBC SPOTLIGHT Author … Continue reading Laura Libricz – RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour

Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users

What do you think? Can an eBook file be used to create a decent-looking paperback? I found this article written by Dianne Tibert, most informative.

Diane Tibert

The first news I heard about KDP Print was in an email from Amazon on February 15th. Since then, I’ve read articles, blog posts and comments about it and watched the praise given by Amazon for this service dwindle quickly.

In the email, Amazon announced they were making print book publishing easier for writers. They stated, “KDP prints your book on demand and subtracts your printing costs from your royalties, so you don’t have to pay any costs upfront or carry any inventory.”

That’s what CreateSpace does. Sort of. I believe CreateSpace takes the cost of the printing of the book from the sale price, then takes a cut of the royalties. Until I see the numbers and do the math, I am unsure which service will offer a better financial deal for authors.

The message also stated, “It also enables you to receive consolidated royalty payments for paperback and…

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