Series – Time and Unforeseen Circumstances – Sisters and Rivals

For the next few months I'm taking a break, leaving Fauna Park Tales to bask in peace and allow the furry and feathered friends to laze about in the sunshine, after their incredible adventures in the Kalughari, told in Book 4 - Trails and Trials: An African Adventure. Meanwhile, I intend to catch up and … Continue reading Series – Time and Unforeseen Circumstances – Sisters and Rivals



  Thank you so much RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB for giving me the opportunity to host Jennifer Hinsman today - Saturday - 7 October 2017. Welcome to my blog, Jennifer, and congratulations on being OCTOBER SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR! Jennifer has published two novels, which I'm sure you would like to read if you've not done so … Continue reading RRBC – AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – JENNIFER HINSMAN

Sunday Short Story – Forest Stars -Maretha Botha

Here is another Sunday short story which some of you might like to share with one of your children or grandchildren. This is part 1.

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The summer breeze sings softly among the tall conifers in a small meadow. Grandpa George and his grandson, Josh are walking along a narrow path, admiring the grass sprouts tickling their legs. Josh feels a bit scared of the dark shadows everywhere, but his older sister, Kate, skips happily along the path, not worried about any uneven patches which might trip her. 

‘Be careful, Kate! Please wait for us!’ Grandpa George warns. Suddenly, Kate stops, turns around and puts her finger on her lips. ‘Ssh . . . Look! There are fairies under that fern over there.’

Fireflies in the forest

 ‘Fairies? Let me see, let me see them too,’ Josh shouts.  He and Grandpa George sit on their haunches to have a closer look at the eerie green glows in the soft moss on the forest floor.

‘Why is the grass on fire, Grandpa?’  glowworm in the moss

‘Those small lights belong to glowworms and the grass…

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New Release Short Story Sisters and Rivals

At present, I'm going through all the many half-finished bits and pieces on my PC.  This short story will eventually become part of an anthology which I would like to make available as a paperback.  Meanwhile, I would be most grateful to hear your comments about this new venture - I'm giving Flame and his … Continue reading New Release Short Story Sisters and Rivals

Juvenile Fiction Author – Richard Smith

I had the pleasure of reading Richard Smith's books a while ago.  He was introduced to me via Rukia Publishing.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about him.  I've encouraged him to join Rave Reviews Book Club because to me, they have been a great support! via Interview - Richard Smith

Vienna Coffee for the Doomed

Thank you so much for including this wonderful performance by Yo-Yo Ma and George Horner in this poignant blogpost. I’m sure there will be others who follow my blog who will also be blown away by, not only the music, but also the contents of this post. Thank you KoolKosherKitchen.


I was privileged to attend a unique gala concert, “a tribute to artistic creativity and survival in Terezin.” The fortress Therezienstadt was built at the end of 18th century by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II who named it in honor of his mother Maria Theresa. However, the Nazis found another use for the quaint little town. In 1940 it became a concentration camp, mainly for Czechoslovakian Jews, but also for Jews from Austria and Germany. “More than 150,000 Jews were sent there, including 15,000 children, and held there for months or years, before being sent by rail transports to their deaths at Treblinka and Auschwitz extermination camps in occupied Poland, as well as to smaller camps elsewhere.  Less than 150 children survived” (

Entrance at the inner camp of Terezin.  "Arbeit macht frei" means "Works frees."

Barbed wire and the infamous concentration camp slogan “Work Frees” marked the entrance to the inner camp of Terezin. Conditions were dismal, and, even though Terezin…

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Rave Reviews Book Club 2017 WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO

If you haven't had opportunity to visit our online Rave Reviews Book Club Book Expo&Conference - 2017 yet, don't delay. Read more about it here, where you'll find all the links to take you to the various AUTHOR BOOTHS. Members of the public are also welcome! Source: Rave Reviews Book Club 2017 WRITERS' CONFERENCE & … Continue reading Rave Reviews Book Club 2017 WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO

Friends: An African Adventure

Hi Everyone, if you don’t have a book 2 of An African Adventure yet, please download today and tomorrow, 1st October and Read/review a children’s book during October. Thank you!

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I have been running a few short promotions over the last few weekends – is FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow should you wish to acquire book 2 to add to your children’s books’ collection!

Make a few of us happy – Read/review a children’s book this month of October. Thank you!Friends Maretha book51VKEnNraUL

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