#FaunaParkTales Book Trailer on YouTube produced #4WillsPublishers #RRBC

I’m happy to share this book trailer, produced by 4WillsPublishers with you. I’m sure you’ll be induced to look at some of the books featured here. PLEASE CLICK DIRECTLY on the writing in white which reads, “Fauna Park Tales Series Book Trailer” below to go directly to the site, NOT on the arrow, thank you!

At present, I’m spending my time wisely to improve the contents as well as the black and white illustrations of Fauna Park Tales’ paperbacks. (I now have access to better photographic equipment) and I think it’s making a big difference to the quality of the illustrations. The first overhauled paperback is, Friends: An African Adventure. Please note. I’ve not changed the eBook contents yet!


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  1. I can’t wait to see all your new improvements Maretha:) I want to do that to a couple books, too. Freshen them up. I couldn’t watch the first video, but I LOVED the second video with the adorable reader. She did an amazing job! The questions at the end were a great touch.

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