Thanks for the thumbs up on Jan Sikes’ book, Gracie! I’m sure others will also enjoy reading more about it. I’m also reblogging as a reminder to read Jan’s book this year.

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Jan reveals in her bio that she started writing when she was a young girl. She admits that her first writing was a gospel song. She also has an Uncle named Luke.  Surprise! Luke is her main character in this book. Is Luke real or fictional? According to Jan, the stories she writes are real stories about the journey of two people moving through adversity to grow and learn to become better humans. Jan hopes that her story might touch someone’s heart or life positively. I think this author might also be a music lover from Texas and a proud grandmother.


The Convict and the Rose by [Sikes, Jan]So, what did I think about the book?

I downloaded five books to my iPad before venturing off on a train trip to Canada. I flew into Vancouver and took the train from there to Jasper. I was on the…

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AND THIS IS THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED #thursdaythoughts @Pembrokeshire #poetrycommunity

Alex Ambercrombie wrote a fast-paced, rhythmic poem, dealing with a few serious issues. Thanks for this Judith Barrow. 💐💐

Judith Barrow

As some of you may know, as well as holding private creative writing workshops, I also tutor creative writing for the local council. Tutoring adults can be  rewarding (discovering wonderful writers), chaotic (my lesson plans are rarely followed – someone will inevitably take things off at a tangent) hilarious (the undiscovered comedian/ the completely unaware comedian) and thought-provoking (especially with memoir writing) Every now and then I like to share some of their work.

Here is a piece written by one of my students after I set them an exercise which ended with the last line, “And this is the room where it happened.”

This is a poem by Alex Abercrombie. 


You’re shaken awake from a jittery nap and

The mantelpiece clock shows a quarter to two.

The dog on the mat and the cat on your lap and

The owls in the attic are wakeful too.

There’s a rattle of chains and a loud ringing rap and

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A New Companion

This is truly a happy story and what an incredible lady. I’m sure she and Jake will spend many good days together. Hooray for the underdog! I’m reblogging to Fauna Park Tales. I’m sure many readers will love this uplifting story.

The happy Quitter!

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Sometimes, when I at least expect it, I come along a story that makes my heart overflow with joy. It’s never one of the loud headline-bait stories, it’s always a quiet story, one that hardly will make it to the front section of any newspaper -even though that’s where it should be. 

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Of Supermoons and Inspiration

It is impossible not be in awe of the supermoon which happened on the 3rd of December. Its appearance started off a trilogy of consecutive supermoons; the next ones happen on the 1st of January and then again on the 31st of January 2018. This final one will also coincide with a lunar eclipse. Those … Continue reading Of Supermoons and Inspiration

New Release Short Story Sisters and Rivals

At present, I'm going through all the many half-finished bits and pieces on my PC.  This short story will eventually become part of an anthology which I would like to make available as a paperback.  Meanwhile, I would be most grateful to hear your comments about this new venture - I'm giving Flame and his … Continue reading New Release Short Story Sisters and Rivals

Juvenile Fiction Author – Richard Smith

I had the pleasure of reading Richard Smith's books a while ago.  He was introduced to me via Rukia Publishing.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about him.  I've encouraged him to join Rave Reviews Book Club because to me, they have been a great support! via Interview - Richard Smith

Series – Time and Unforeseen Circumstances – Sisters and Rivals

For the next few months I'm taking a break, leaving Fauna Park Tales to bask in peace and allow the furry and feathered friends to laze about in the sunshine, after their incredible adventures in the Kalughari, told in Book 4 - Trails and Trials: An African Adventure. Meanwhile, I intend to catch up and … Continue reading Series – Time and Unforeseen Circumstances – Sisters and Rivals