Maretha is a South African Italian. She grew up in Worcester, Western Cape – a town reminiscent of living in Switzerland among the snow-capped mountains. cropped-marethabotha.png

Maretha Botha admits to being a chocoholic and unreformed coffee addict, a keen gardener and bird watcher, who likes to walk on the moors where the stiff breeze coming in from the sea, quickly clears her head, making way for more inspiration.

She is the author/illustrator of the Fauna Park Tales Series. She has also published  a few short stories. One is called, “Saving The Evergreens – Garden Secrets”, which is written, not only for younger readers, but for all those who are still amazed by all the goings-on in the undergrowth.

The first four books are available on Amazon as eBooks as well as in black-and-white illustrated paperbacks.  For a preview and/or where to buy any of these books, please click on the following links:

I’ve received a few free gifts – the gift of life and the gift of choice – and so I choose to live my life positively, despite life’s many ups and downs, having a firm hope that tomorrow will be better.

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