Sunday Short Story – The Martial Eagles Are Nesting – Part 2

I do apologise for not posting a story for a few Sundays.  I hope, however, to make up for lost time and that you and the small people in your life enjoy this second part about the martial eagles. They are fascinating birds, but are also persecuted in certain parts of Southern Africa.  The Vervet … Continue reading Sunday Short Story – The Martial Eagles Are Nesting – Part 2


Sunday Short Story – Forest Stars 2 – Maretha Botha

Good afternoon, Everyone!  I hope you enjoy reading the second part of the children's short story, "Forest Stars" to one of your favourite little people which appear iN ASTROS ADVENTURES Book Club too.  The creator of the club, Susan Day believes that grandparents have an opportunity to put the "GRAND" back in being grandparents when … Continue reading Sunday Short Story – Forest Stars 2 – Maretha Botha

Sunday Short Story – Forest Stars -Maretha Botha

Here is another Sunday short story which some of you might like to share with one of your children or grandchildren. This is part 1.

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The summer breeze sings softly among the tall conifers in a small meadow. Grandpa George and his grandson, Josh are walking along a narrow path, admiring the grass sprouts tickling their legs. Josh feels a bit scared of the dark shadows everywhere, but his older sister, Kate, skips happily along the path, not worried about any uneven patches which might trip her. 

‘Be careful, Kate! Please wait for us!’ Grandpa George warns. Suddenly, Kate stops, turns around and puts her finger on her lips. ‘Ssh . . . Look! There are fairies under that fern over there.’

Fireflies in the forest

 ‘Fairies? Let me see, let me see them too,’ Josh shouts.  He and Grandpa George sit on their haunches to have a closer look at the eerie green glows in the soft moss on the forest floor.

‘Why is the grass on fire, Grandpa?’  glowworm in the moss

‘Those small lights belong to glowworms and the grass…

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Short Story – SweetTweet Finds The Honey Seekers – Maretha Botha

Hi Everyone!  I thought there might be a few grandparents or parents, and siblings among us who might like to share my short story with a favourite young listener.  A new story with an African theme appears on ASTRO'S ADVENTURES Book Club on Sundays. Short Story - SweetTweet Finds The Honey Seekers - Maretha Botha

Short Story – The Martial Eagles Are Nesting – Maretha Botha

Please visit my child friendly blog for more information on short stories written for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy - really all the children in your life.  I'm posting a story every Sunday in ASTRO'S ADVENTURES BOOK CLUB by Susan Day. Source: Short Story - The Martial Eagles Are Nesting - Maretha Botha

Short Story – Wild Animal Tales – Maretha Botha

I’m hoping those of us who are grandparents might like to read these Sunday stories to grandchildren. Let me know if you find this week’s story to the young ones’ liking!

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I have started a new venture, which will definitely keep me on my writer’s toes . . . or rather, fingers!Please keep an eye on this blog and other media sites for a link to Susan Day’s delightful blog where she aims to put the “grand” back into the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, encouraging this wonderful relationship to grow stronger than ever by providing short stories written by various children’s authors, giving grandparents the opportunity to read to their grandchildren.Image result for grandparents reading to grandchildrenImage result for grandparents reading to grandchildrenI am delighted to tell you that I will be sharing such short stories every Sunday with you, because Susan Day, Astro’s Adventures’ Creator has accepted me as a regular contributor to ASTRO’S ADVENTURES BOOK CLUB and BLOG.

Thanks to Susan’s great creative ability, I have this lovely new logo.

MARETHA_BOTHAMy first short story, based on true fact, is called ‘The Mystery of the Moving Rock’ and…

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