Juvenile Fiction Author – Richard Smith

I had the pleasure of reading Richard Smith's books a while ago.  He was introduced to me via Rukia Publishing.  I hope you enjoy finding out more about him.  I've encouraged him to join Rave Reviews Book Club because to me, they have been a great support! via Interview - Richard Smith


Interview – Shana Gorian

I loved getting to know this lovely lady, Shana Gorian and her endearing series of books a little better.  She has written four books in Rosco the Rascal Series thus far and I'm sure those of you who have little ones to buy gifts for or whom you love reading to, will enjoy her stories … Continue reading Interview – Shana Gorian

Interview by Nicholas C. Rossis – 9 Best Grammar Tools For Writers

Mary Walton has put together a most informative book on English Grammar, giving writers a unique quick guide to some of the nitty-gritty stuff of the English language. I’m sure that you’ll find some of the information useful.

Nicholas C. Rossis

You may remember Mary Walton’s recent guest post, 10 Proofreading Tools For Writers. This is another fine list of author resources compiled by her. Oh, and here is one of my favorite comics of all time:Grammar Cyanide and Happiness | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

9 Best Grammar Tools For Writers

The most interesting, fascinating book can fall down if the grammar is poor. No reader will want to continue if the book is too difficult to read. That’s why your grammar is so important in everything you write. If you find that you don’t know enough about grammar to skilfully edit your writing, you’re in luck. This guide will show you nine online tools that will really help you out when you’re in a bind.

  1. Academized: Invest some time in your writing skills and read this guide. It’s comprehensive yet easy to understand, making it perfect for writers. By reading it, you can get a good…

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Behind The Pen With Gwen!

I am super excited to be interviewed by vivacious host, Gwendolyn Plano, author of "Letting Go Into Perfect Love" - a memoir. We will discussing, "An African Adventure: Flame and Hope", Book One of Fauna Park Tales Series.  https://www.amazon.com/Flame-Hope-African-Adventure-Fauna-ebook/dp/B00MNKNI04/ Our show is sponsored by Kim Cox, author of The Lana Malloy Series of romantic thrillers. … Continue reading Behind The Pen With Gwen!

Interview – A. M. Manay in “WHO’S ON THE SHELF WITH NONNIE JULES?”

I enjoyed this interview by Nonnie Jules very much. Ann Margaret is a very talented author with an exceptional imagination. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her books too which I watch listing now.

Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules

Hello and welcome to “WHO’S ON THE SHELF?” with yours truly, Nonnie Jules!  Since we are a book club, we had to offer something that included a book shelf.  A lot of interviews merely cover an author’s work or an individual’s career stories.  Here on this “SHELF,”  we get down and dirty and ask the questions no other interviewer dare ask.  We ask the questions that you want to open up a book and find the answers to on your favorite authors and fellow book club members, but no one has dared to cover them.  WE get personal!  Because when you sit on the RRBC “SHELF,” YOU are an open book!

Today I have with me on the “SHELF,” our Current “SPOTLIGHT”Author, A. M. MANAY!


NJ:  Before we get started, how does the “shelf” feel to you?  Is it comfy?

AM:  So comfy. It’s the fluffiest…

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Interview – Q&A With Children’s Author Maretha Botha

Recently I had the privilege to be interviewed by Shana Gorian - fellow children's author and creator of Rosco the Rascal Stories. Her books are lovely and the illustrations a pleasure to look at. So I felt  that I was in good company! Here follows here post. My latest guest (pronounced Ma-rita Bo-thuh) writes stories … Continue reading Interview – Q&A With Children’s Author Maretha Botha