Day 1.  Exploring Bratislava

These exotic places from Little Miss Traveller are surely worth putting on a bucket list. I hope you enjoy these glimpses as much as I did.

Love Travelling

On noticing that Ryanair had introduced weekly flights to Bratislava from Leeds Bradford Airport we were tempted into a weekend break in the Slovakian capital.  Dragging ourselves out of bed at 3.15 am to reach the airport in time for our early 6.45 am departure wasn’t great but the upside was that we would be touching down in a new destination at 10.10 am giving us a full day to explore the city.

image Old town, Bratislava

Arriving into Bratislava’s modern terminal building ten minutes ahead of schedule we bought a 7 day travel pass from an automated machine.  At first it was hard to figure out what we needed as there was only an option for single tickets or day passes, but a second try at tapping on the day ticket option revealed a further selection, one of which being a 7 day ticket costing €11.40 each.  We actually only…

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Waiting for Writing Success? Here’s Some Encouragement!

Thanks to Linda Mims for this encouraging post. I do believe it does one the world of good to be reminded that many big names were also rejected first, once upon a time!

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Results, Now! is a book by education writer, Mike Schmoker. The title was intended to motivate and encourage educators of diverse learners. The title, however, is applicableto my subject today because Results, Now!is how so many of us feel about our blogs and our books.

We’ve put in a lot of work and we want results, now! Aren’t hours and hours of input supposed to yieldgood results? We’ve been good. We’ve followed the rules. Now, where are the fans, the followers, and the reviews?

I know that most of you blog and create because it’s second nature to you, so be confident that you’re not wasting your time. In fact, I’ve come to offer encouragement while you’re waiting for success.

First, developing your craft will be time well spent. You’ll be honing your skills in a field that is overrun with figurative mountains of bad writing that is overflowing…

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RHS Harlow Carr Garden

Thank you for giving us a tour with you through this lovely garden! I am reblogging it as a reminder to myself that this is a place to visit should I ever be in Harrogate. I think Bettys’ Cafe will be my final stop there. 💐😄💐

Love Travelling

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Harlow Carr Gardenis one of four public gardens run by the RHS and is located one and a half miles from the centre of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We arrived by car, with ample free parking available. On a previous visit we walked from the town centre which is a lovely way to arrive on a sunny day. This walk starts from the town’s Valley Gardens and continues up through the Pine Woods taking approximately 45 minutes to reach Harlow Carr.

image Harlow Carr Garden and cafe

The main purpose for establishing this garden was to set up plant trials to assess the suitability of growing certain plants in a northern climate. Adult admission to the gardens is £11 and as the society is a registered charity all profits are used to maintain and improve the gardens and facilities. The entrance pavilion is bright and airy…

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No Clapping

I love reading author Jane Bwye’s comments about Africa and specifically her writing career. I hope you’ll read this post which gives much insight into the obstacles which need to be addressed and successfully handled.

Jane Bwye

There was no clapping at the end of my “Afternoon with Jane” talk on Monday at St. Wilfrid’s Church, Broad Road. Was that a bad thing – or a good thing? I noticed – but didn’t mind, really.

I talked about how my life experiences were revealed in my three novels, and I interspersed the story with readings.

three books (2)

My Amazon Author Link

While I answered questions afterwards, the tea ladies got up to put the kettle on, and the room hummed with warm conversation. People drifted towards the table bearing my books, and friends came up to enthuse, saying it was good to learn new things about me.

“I could have listened to you all day!” said one.

“You should do an audio of your books,” said another.

“I agree with what you said about the dangers of Government-to-Government Aid in Africa,” said yet another.

She was one of three or four people…

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#RRBC The Writer’s Corner: Life Is Like a Rainbow… @KIngallsAuthor

Thank you so much, Karen Ingalls for your encouraging words. Only those who have faced a storm will understand the truer and deeper meaning of thoughts expressed through the colours of the rainbow. And let’s face it: there are few souls in this world who would be able to say that.
I reblogged Karen’s thoughts which originally appear in The RRBC PIOELINE this month.


We’ve reserved this little corner of the world for those authors whose writing is just so good, we just have to share it with the world.  Clearly, if their short piece pleases you, then we ask that you check out their books. If you feel that your short story or poetry piece deserves to be profiled here, please submit, in 850 words or less, using our CONTACT US form.  We will let you know if your piece has been selected for our monthly profile! 


Author, Karen Ingalls



There may not be a pot of gold in the literal sense, but rainbows symbolize opportunities to be healthier, happier, and more complete. In Native American culture some tribes believe the rainbow is a bridge between the spiritual and human world; Buddhists believe the seven colors represent the seven continents. In…

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Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author – Suzanne Burke

Thanks to Suzanne Burke and Bruce A. Borders for presenting a fabulous RRBC SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR BLOG TOUR spot! Best wishes for the rest of the tour!

Bruce A. Borders

Today, it is an honor to host Rave Reviews Books Club’s Spotlight Author, Suzanne Burke! When you’ve finished reading her post, be sure to check out her book, Acts of Redemption. And for a schedule of her blog stops visit Rave Reviews Book Club. Now, here’s Suzanne…




Welcome to Day 4 of my RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour! I am thrilled to have you join me. My heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to my generous host!

I thought I’d share with you some of the locations ‘Acts Beyond Redemption’ visits on its’ journey.

THE GREEN SLOPES OF AFGHANISTAN. Near Dasht-e-Shadian In spring.

Where the ancient custom of training horse and rider for ‘Buzkashi’ tournaments takes place, on the edge of the Hindu Kush.



This is the H.Q of the ‘Countdown Murders’ Task force team.



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Reblogged -Smorgasbord

I love these enormous seals and seeing their photo here, reminds me so much of Cape Town - specifically the Victoria/Albert Wharf - large seals would be lazing in the sun, barking for all to hear. Northern bull elephant seals weigh up to 5000 pounds and reach up to 16 feet in length! Their Southern … Continue reading Reblogged -Smorgasbord

AUTHOR – Nicholas C. Rossis – Free Paper Textures and Tutorial

This is a wonderfully creative post. I adore the paperwork illustrations. There's a wonderful tutorial you might want to look at as well!  Here follows an excerpt from Nicholas C. Rossis imaginative author blog. I do a lot of my own design work, and I know that many of you do, too. I guess it’s … Continue reading AUTHOR – Nicholas C. Rossis – Free Paper Textures and Tutorial