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Gracie Bradford thought it to be a good thing to find our writers' voice. So, I'm reposting the original article for those who might not have read it yet. Source: Finding your writer's voice #amwriting #writing #writerslife


10 Ways To Shed The Pounds Quickly

Thanks Ula, These are excellent reminders which a few of my friends would like to see as well!

simple Ula

Weight loss can be a nightmare task; it can take months and months of hard labor. Hitting the gym every couple of days, eating an endless supply of lettuce and avoid your favorite takeaway can be difficult.

If you are coming up to a big event and want to squeeze into that dress, or even if you are just looking to lose the pounds for the holidays; losing weight rapidly is what we all crave. And there are some simple lifestyle changes you can implement to make your dreams come to fruition much quicker.

appetite-1239056_960_720Image source

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Thanks Suzanne Kelman! I’m looking forward to reading THE REJECTED READERS’ BOOK CLUB soon! Thanks for the lovely post Gracie. I always love to see what you are giving us, next. 😁

GRACIE BRADFORD: Grandma Midnight Book Reviews - Sassy and Outspoken


Meet Author Suzanne Kelman.


Suzanne is an Amazon international best-selling author and a multi-award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

Suzanne is such a joy. Just look at her glowing smile. I am honored to introduce you to this dynamic and entertaining writer. She refers to her book as “Your laughing #workout for today.” Her book cover caught my eye because I am a tea-drinker. I added this book to  Gracie’s “To Read” Book List several months ago. Read the book to discover what is behind the smile!

51NUncEkikLThe author’s synopsis of her book:

Librarian Janet Johnson is puzzled when she is invited—and practically dragged—to her first meeting of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club. This quirky group of women would much rather celebrate one another’s rejected manuscripts over cups of tea and slices of lemon cake than actually publish a book. But good…

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Life can change in an instant. No misdeeds necessary. No signature required.💕 #RRBC #IARTG

You’ve got me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, Natalie! My family has had its share of spinal chord injuries – husband had an accident and two operations later, still carries on. I live with a spine that makes life challenging every now and then, but reading your words uplift the heart. 💐💖💐 I’m reblogging, thank you so much. Kind regards 💐💖💐

Natalie Ducey

Life can change in an instant. Chances are, if you’re 20 years or older, you know this truth. Life, in its majestic wonder, can sometimes be unkind with its paths of uncertainty and forced goodbyes. In the blink of an eye, all that was once familiar, secure, and steady is now out of reach. No misdeeds necessary. No signature required. The current just suddenly shifts, setting us adrift in uncharted waters with no map or plan of rescue.

Today marks 25 years since the car accident. It’s rather surreal to say that. In 1992, I carried the belief that surely by the year 2000 there would be a cure for spinal cord injuries. That belief has been my saving grace in those early years. Science has advanced, of course, but we are not there yet. In my lifetime perhaps, but not today. Not tomorrow.

Regardless, I write this with a…

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Introducing #Author Judith Barrow – @barrow_judith

Thank you for this lovely introduction to your experiences in Pembrokeshire – I’ve not been there yet, but somewhere in my mind I seem to think that the welsh ponies are running free there? I hope so! Thanks Marlena and Judith. I’m reblogging not to forget to read everything! 🤗🤗

Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!!

Please help me welcome guest author, Judith Barrow, to the blog today. She has been on an exciting blog tour (more links below), and I am thrilled to take part! So without further ado, please enjoy…

Judith Barrow’s new book, A Hundred Tiny Threads, is the prequel of her Howarth trilogy. Pattern of Shadows is the first of the trilogy. Mary is a nursing sister at Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs. Life at work is difficult but fulfilling, life at home a constant round of arguments, until Frank Shuttleworth, a guard at the camp turns up. Frank is difficult to love but persistent and won’t leave until Mary agrees to walk out with him.

Sequel to Pattern of the Shadows, Changing Patterns is set in May 1950, Britain is struggling with the hardships of rationing and the aftermath of the Second World…

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#RRBC DAY 29 CONGRATULATIONS @nonniejules & @AskTheGoodMommy – “DOES MY LIFE MATTER”

Thank you for sharing Nonnie’s thoughts here, Shirley. Kind regards 💐💐

Our Lady of Victory Remembered!

Because of the division that’s going on in our world right now, the hate that’s being stirred up and spewed by these White Supremacist groups, we felt it appropriate and extremely necessary that we share a piece from our President, Nonnie Jules, that needs to be wide-spread.



I am a black woman, and because of the shade of my skin and coarseness of my hair, because of the fullness of my hips, my lips and the bold colors I wear…some don’t find me as attractive as my fairer counterparts.  You see, I’m no longer your house-maid or here for your sexual pleasure; no longer Mamie to your children, I’m now someone’s Mother…a treasure.  But, does my life matter?


I am a black man, and because of my dark skin and the boldness of my stance, because of the kinky in my…

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Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Thanks for this lovely quote, Staci. I’ve reblogged it – it’s important to remember why we do what we do! Kind regards. 💐

Staci Troilo

Editing and FireThis week was all about editing. I edited for clients, I edited for friends. And now I’m going through three massive galley edits of my own work.

That’s a lot of editing.

I thought this quote was appropriate because of both its beauty and its accuracy. Writing is a passion—a burning need to share a message. But editing is what makes that message shine. This quote really spoke to me because of the imagery. And the truth of it.

And now, this week’s writing links:

WP DP Challenge Links

Links to My Posts/Posts on Sites I’m Affiliated With

  • Monday | Story…

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Fast Fish Almondine

I love the looks and scents of this recipe and for quite few good reasons: it comes from Ancient Rome, it has almonds in and of course, green string beans and cilantro. I’m definitely getting this one done soon. I hope there are some of you who also love fish as much as I do! Thanks, Koolkosher Kitchen! And the music has the right mood, too!


This is a fast dish, but a long story, going back to ancient Rome. You think that almondine means “made with almonds,” and you are right. But google it, and you’see a different word – amandine. Google that, and it means – surprise! – made with almonds. Scroll down a little, and the Urban Dictionary tells you that it means “She who has to be loved.” It also has this beautiful little tidbit of poetry:

I think I’m falling in love. And not with just an ordinary girl. Not with a real beauty.
Not with a model, a friend, a dream. But with Amandine. (

The name Amandine is a feminine form of the Roman name Amandus, which  is derived directly from Latin amanda, “lovable, worthy of love”(  What does all this have to do with almonds, you ask?…

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Add A Simple Payment Button To Your Premium Or Business Site

Thank you, WordPress – I’ll definitely consider an upgrade when I renew my subscription. As a reminder, I’m reblogging this as well.

The Blog

May 2016: Hajj Flemings, CEO of Rebrand Cities with renowned photographer, Shawn Lee, in a redesigned school bus en route to working with small business owners in Detroit.

Earlier this year, while working in Detroit with small business owners and the Rebrand Cities team, it became clear that entrepreneurs and publishers are looking for a simpler way to accept credit and debit card payments on their sites.

Our Happiness Engineering team — the guardians of our customers — also weighed in, and we knew that we wanted to make an existing process simpler. So we set a design goal of bringing a 15-minute-long process to under a minute — especially for a customer that has never used PayPal before.

So a small team of engineers and designers came together to solve that problem with the intent of releasing a “Version One” with which we could start to understand…

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Book REVIEW Video “Empty Chairs” by Suzanne Burke writing as Stacey Danson. Reviewed by Gwen Plano. #RRBC

Thank you, Gwen! You have the most amazing way of conveying the depths of emotions which come through in this book. I’m reblogging this review, which is a must hear and see for everyone. Thanks Suzanna for having such courage to write about such painful events.

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

How marvelous it is to have my book reviewed in this way. I am so honored to have  Gwen Plano feel strongly about my work. Please, pop over to the YouTube site and leave a comment on her video.

Thank you for dropping by.“>“>Amazon Preview

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