Q&A With Children’s Author Maretha Botha

I love Shana Gorian’s child friendly Reading Room at Rosco the Rascal where she interviews fellow children’s authors . Why not have a look? You will find an interesting book for one of your children or grandchildren!

Rosco's Reading Room

My latest guest (pronounced Ma-rita Bo-thuh) writes stories for children of her observations and experiences while living in South Africa. Her latest chapter book in the Tales From Fauna Park series is quickly climbing the Amazon UK charts even as we speak! I hope you enjoy her fascinating story and books.

Q. Hello Maretha. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your books.

A. I’m a South African Italian and grew up in Worcester, Western-Cape, South Africa, a place reminiscent of living in Switzerland among snow-capped mountains. After I got married, we lived in the Western Metropolitan area of Gauteng Province–Krugersdorp, now Mogale City–for about 25 years, running a small cleaning/maintenance business. During this time I made many notes on all sorts of subjects, especially birds and their habitats, but never really thought of making writing a full-time career. I suppose because life kept me busy with its…

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