A New Companion

This is truly a happy story and what an incredible lady. I’m sure she and Jake will spend many good days together. Hooray for the underdog! I’m reblogging to Fauna Park Tales. I’m sure many readers will love this uplifting story.

The happy Quitter!

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Sometimes, when I at least expect it, I come along a story that makes my heart overflow with joy. It’s never one of the loud headline-bait stories, it’s always a quiet story, one that hardly will make it to the front section of any newspaper -even though that’s where it should be. 

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Interview – Shana Gorian

I loved getting to know this lovely lady, Shana Gorian and her endearing series of books a little better.  She has written four books in Rosco the Rascal Series thus far and I'm sure those of you who have little ones to buy gifts for or whom you love reading to, will enjoy her stories … Continue reading Interview – Shana Gorian

Pinkie and Pow-wow – Part Two

I haven’t had time to get down to read the next exciting instalment of Pinkie and Pow, but I’m glad I caught up! Thanks Dawn!

Dawn Delivers

Due to popular demand (two is popular right?) it’s time for the second instalment of my tale of those two playful pups. In case you missed it Part One is here: https://dawndelivers.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/pinkie-and-pow-wow-the-tale-of-two-playful-pups/

And now… Part Two:

Pinkie let out a small yawn before snuggling her head deeper into Lucy’s lap. The game of chase with Pow-wow had lasted about half an hour before the pup had stopped dead, curled up where she had stood and fell into a deep sleep. Lucy had moved to get to her feet and, Pinkie presumed, lift the new dog into her arms so Pinkie quickly leapt onto the sofa and and claimed her spot. The white dog wasn’t fully prepared to share Lucy just yet. It might be fun to have a smaller dog to play chase with, but even better if that dog could then stay on the floor while Pinkie got…

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