My Reviews for April 2019

PC problems have certainly given me headaches over these past few weeks. Nevertheless, I not only managed to read a few good books, but also posted two reviews on Amazon – something which I personally appreciate very much – receiving a review, especially if the reader has something positive to relate about my work. This month I would like to highlight poetry first, seeing as it is Poetry Month. I also had a look at a New Release – Science Fiction – which is not normally my choice of reading material.


27 April 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

REVIEW: Just her Poetry: Seasons of Soul by D.L. FINN

I’ve read a few of D.L. Finn’s works, including her first poems included in her debut novel, “No Fairy Tale: The Reality of A Girl Who Wasn’t A Princess And Her Poetry“.
In this poetry collection the author explores feelings and various emotions she feels when watching life around her throughout the different seasons of the year, starting appropriately with Spring. I especially love her thoughts expressed when she listens to the far-off cooing of a grey dove.
The Dove
“Flowers are pushing through the soil … But it’s the gentle coo of a grey dove … that makes it real for me. I smile. Silently I welcome the dove back … and spring.”The rest of her Spring Collection has beautiful descriptions: “…wind chimes sway in a musical spectacle …” and “The truth of spring is part of our souls …” which make me sit back and relax, conjuring up that magical moment when the author spots a doe and her two little ones who gaze intently at her, not afraid at all, they all listen to the trees which surround them until the author’s “furry muses” arrive on the scene.

Beautiful Day” is a short glimpse into the perfect peace the author has found, something which she yearned for as a child, but only now, later in life fully experiences while sitting contentedly in her deckchair, watching nature come to life during Spring. What a lovely poem!

Clouds” is so descriptive of that place where authors often find inspiration, “I’m in a place between worlds. Where I can find the space … that Poetry lives – above the clouds,” while floating “in a metal bird.”

Nature – Fall And Winter” – here the author describes the “last eruption from fall’s glow” and basks in the red shades of the redwood forest, “in the stunning red hues that flows from the fall.” She ponders her own life’s stages when she gets to that age which the autumn leaves epitomise; “I prepare for my own winter like the foliage.” I love the thoughts expressed in “Warmth” – “In the warmth of a winter’s day, I sit perched at the edge of the forest, Arms exposed to the purity of the moment …” – feelings expressed in a nutshell!

The next exciting poetic adventure begins with, “Musings From The Back Of A Harley“.
All the author’s thoughts are gathered and dissected by what she sees and experiences while riding with her husband past Lake Tahoe and towards the Sierra Mountains. I love “Write” – she says, “I write in the winds, As they tug at the pages …” of her “little blue journal…on my husband’s backbones … I write.” That’s inspiration, continuing to write about the roar of an engine that “washes away silence …” and their senses taking in all the beauty which surrounds them, finding complete bliss in that moment of motion on their “human-made horse” while “nature is swaddling her soul.” What delightful words! So much to take in and savour, but before I knew it, I reached the next part of the author’s poetry.

Seasons Of A Soul” which calls for repeated reading rather than just a once-off sitting as the author describes her deepest emotions in “Darkness And Light, Fear And Love” … Situations to ponder and reflect upon; her conclusion being that love wins despite hatred even though it often overwhelms its victims. “Brave” inspired me to let go of past wrongs and hurts; to “embrace what seemed like a battlefield” – again, deeply moving poetry which is further enhanced in “I Get Mad”. Here, the author admits that she doesn’t have time to stay mad because she has to give that all-important quality in life – love.

This wonderful collection of poetry ends appropriately with excerpts from her novel, “This Second Chance“, which I did not find strange. In fact, some of her poems such as “Evil And The Enabler” somehow reminded me of the “Evildwel” who cannot exist where love dwells, and “Trapped” reminded me painfully of how difficult it is to let go of hurtful things from the past – when we were just “…that scared little girl from so long ago”.

I highly recommend savouring all the different parts of this collection. The author dedicates sections to the holidays, family life and special times. I intend to obtain the paperback as well, because it is impossible to remember all the wonderful thoughts and moments expressed in this collection in one or two reading sessions, especially since she included favourite poems of mine from her first novel, “No Fairy Tale” – “Ocean” and “Ocean Song“.


5 April 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase


  1. Thank you Maretha for the beautiful review and your thoughts on Just Her Poetry. I’m beyond thrilled that you enjoyed it:) Trail in the Woods sounds like an interesting read and how fun to share reading with your granddaughter.


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