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It feels like the “Good Old Times” to me this month as I’ve enjoyed the pleasant pastime of being my old self again – a bookworm! I’ve not ceased to marvel at the high standard of Indie Authors’ books I’ve had the pleasure to read this past week. Here is another review from me. I hope you like it enough to read the collection for yourself!

“Strange HWY: Short Stories” by author Beem Weeks – my first reading exposure to this amazing author – had me reading non-stop, and then go back again to those stories that played around in my mind – those that won’t let you forget – such asOvercome (Holy Water) where the author uses such writing skills to make me strongly dislike an elderly white resident, Jimbo Rutherford, and his infamous, “Know your place boy”, frequently repeated phrase to a young African American boy, Bedford, who tried to make sense of the world around him. I loved how the author explores that time and through Bedford’s eyes, the reader begins looking at water differently – its powers for good and its awesome destructiveness. Bedford and his family, as well as many others who live near the river are at risk when it breaks its banks. The surprising end to this story stayed with me: there is still some good in the world, despite unbelievable deep-running prejudice.
The Essay, “Memory of a Robot” took me back to my own childhood, when my dad could put just about anything together and make it into some useable toy or contraption. I loved this story which helps one cement wonderful moments in time from childhood.
“Songs of the Lost” – tragic and real – the age-old tale of incest seen through the eyes of Curtis Dinwitty, a ten-year old boy. This story is memorable in that it also highlights the friendship Curtis develops with his elderly neighbour, an old black man named William Calhoun Jenkins Jr, referring to him as Jenks and his Martin guitar, and the blues he played. Things changed when Curtis tells him about his little sister and his dad, but I’ll leave you to read this story and draw your own conclusions. The ending again, has quite a twist.
From beginning to end, each short story leaves a lasting impression. The author weaves incredible tales of life and its many peculiarities, in and out of these stories, and I marvel at his perceptive powers to write about such taboo subjects such as heroine overdoses, sex for money, exploring sexual orientation, suicide, guilt, murder and above all the indomitable positiveness of the human spirit, and as such, I would like to mention Lucy – a guardian angel? Who knows? What an amazing turn of events for a young boy and his family in “Looking for Lucy”.
This short story collection is also available in printed form, and I think that it could make a good show piece on a favourite coffee table near a comfortable chair. Highly recommended!

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Author, Beem Weeks

I think you’ll enjoy Beem Weeks’ book trailer by very much. Please click on the white print: “Strange Hwy: Short Stories” to have a look

Thank you for popping in. Hopefully you enjoyed my review enough to grab your own copy of this excellent short story collection. Please feel free to comment and/or follow this blog. 

This month, my book club is encouraging us to read short stories. Here is one of mine which you might want to read on Kindle Unlimited. Indie authors need your support too, when it comes to leaving short and positive reviews. So. please feel free to do so, too! Thanks. 🙂



  1. What a fine review, Maretha! I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Thanks for helping the world discover this fine literary-caliber author.

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