My Five 2018 PAGE-TURNERS by Maretha Botha

I’ve been thinking and thinking again, about this thing of compiling a list of top books I’ve read this year. How would I make such a choice? Based on what? A book should naturally be flawless – punctuation, style, layout and plot and to a lesser extent, genre.  So, judging by these criteria, all thirty books I’ve reviewed this year – I’ve read more – would have to be on this list, which then would be listed numerically, starting at number 1 as the favourite.

However, my list is based, not on star-ratings or any of the above criteria, but simply on ONE THING: THE GRIP-SUSPENSE FACTOR, THE UNPUTDOWNABLE PAGE-TURNER which never lets me skip pages, or only read the first few thousand words, but the-read-into-the-night-my-eyes-are-killing-me story and the story-stays-with-me-for-a-long time. Any one of these books has, in my humble opinion, the potential, not only to be your next-best-read-of-the year, but to become a BLOCK-BUSTER movie.

My congratulations and best wishes to the following authors whose books I’ve listed in no particular order of preference.

DL FINN – This Second Chance @dlfinnaurhor

Thorne Moore – Long Shadows: Tales of Llys y Garn @ThorneMoore

Ronald Yates – The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles @jhawker69

Gordon Bickerstaff – Deadly Secrets: The Truth Will Out @ADPase

Suzy Henderson – The Beauty Shop @Suzy_Henderson

If  you haven’t read these books yet, I highly recommend them.  Follow the links to my reviews and make your choice! Should you wish, please comment and/or follow this blog. Happy 2019 reading!

Do you have limited time for reading? Here are two of my short stories for 2018. Follow me on Twitter: @MarethMBotha and @FaunaParkTales Thank you!


  1. Thank you Maretha:) I’m surprised and honored to be included on your list! I agree with you about Billly Battles and added that as a paperback to the book collection as a gift to my husband. I haven’t read the rest so I will be adding them to my reading list. Congrats to all who made the list. I recommend both of your short stories–my favorite of the two was “Lost and Found”. May 2019 be a magical year for you.


    • Thanks so much, DL! I loved This Second Chance because it kept me on the edge of my chair – the identity of the Evildwell was surprising. It fully deserved to be on my list, even though I don’t often read paranormal but this is somewhere in between and had those elements which make for a page turner. All the best with your publishing endeavours for 2019. I’m busy going through each of the series books with a fine tooth comb and improving the quality of the images. Friends is almost done and I hope it will be even better! 🤗🌺🤗

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