Talking Trees

Trees often intrigue me, and when my younger daughter sent me the link to a National Geographic Video about trees talking to each other, I was intrigued … I hope you will feel the same, because they are communicating their needs to us, and should we not listen? Judge for yourself.


Maretha Botha Children's Books and Illustrations

There is something serenely splendid about being in the middle of a forest, looking up into the skies, hearing the wind rustle among the branches and being rejuvenated by clean, fresh-smelling air everywhere. Such a desirable situation has often given a writer’s imagination wings, although even a familiar neighbourhood or backyard with a few graceful trees which have grown tall with them through the years, might suffice. 

Photographs taken in our backyard and Blackburn/Accrington neighbourhoods.

Through the years,  fantastical stories about talking trees have been written. Think about The Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West, and Dorothy who is scolded by a frightening apple tree for picking its fruit without permission . . . Children of course, have incredible imaginations,  and for them, it would be a straightforward matter to start talking to the nearest tree and expect to be answered back! 

Two apple trees right at…

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