My Reviews for October


When I am on holiday, I can’t resist browsing dusty bookshelves in a charity store, somewhere. And when we visited Scotland about six weeks ago, I found two lovely “Golden Oldies” which I’m featuring on my blogs today. I hope you”ll also enjoy reading them as much as I did. Thanks for popping in.

Maretha Botha Children's Books and Illustrations

While in Scotland, we had a day or two when the weather was not quite as sunny, days for curling up in bed with a book, in fact two!

DEWEY – The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World by Vicki Myron Copyright 2008

     This is the true story of a small abandoned kitten who ends up in Spencer Library drop-off bin in IOWA. He is found by Vicki Myron, the librarian at a time when farmers in IOWAS suffered great losses and many of them had to leave their family farms which were bought up by large corporations. In a time when hope was scarce, Dewey Readmore Books became such a hope, a cat who brightened the lives of all who visited the library for the next 19 years of his life. This is also a memoir of Vicki’s life and her struggles as a single…

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