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I am pleased to introduce “Next Therapist Please” by Laurie Finkelstein.
Laurie Finkelstein


Blessed with anxiety, depression, and OCD, Janie Weiss has seen her fair share of therapists throughout her life. So many, she doesn’t even refer to them by name, only by number. Some have helped her, some have not. But she has learned from all of them.

Years after her last therapist, #6 to be exact, Janie finds herself widowed and navigating a new life filled with old and new anxieties. She loves expressing herself through her art, but she’s wondering if she’s ready to move on in her personal life.

From Janie’s cottage on Balboa Island to the Doc’s home in Palm Springs, follow Janie on her quest for health and happiness as she recalls each therapist that came into her life. Grab a cocktail, make a toast, and enter Janie’s world in this humorous, heartwarming novel.

10% of sales are donated to NAMI, the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

Laurie Finkelstein

Laurie Beth Finkelstein lives far enough north from Los Angeles to enjoy a slightly slower pace, but not far enough away to escape the traffic. Laurie shares her life with a husband, two grown sons, and two cats, thankfully not all living in the same house.

Laurie splits her time between painting and writing. Her debut novel, ‘Next Therapist Please’ took years to write and while fictional, mirrors many aspects of her life. Living with depression, anxiety, and OCD, has challenged her as well as provide occasional comic relief in her life. Laurie hopes to help smash the stigma of mental illness one laugh at a time. Here are some fun facts about Laurie:
~ She does not like pie;
~ She secretly watches SpongeBob Square Pants;
~She worked as Warner Brother’s characters at Six Flags Magic Mountain. For one month. Those costumes were heavy;
~She can’t whistle;
~She straddled the shoulders of a performer on a unicycle whipping around the stage as he juggled. In a dress hiked up beyond her comfort level and screaming during the whole “performance. 


“This book is both funny and poignant.” Amazon Review.

‘Next Therapist Please’ received a 5 star review from Reader’s Favorite from Jack Magnus. “Laurie Finkelstein’s romantic comedy, ‘Next Therapist Please’, has its light and breezy moments, as romantic comedies invariably do, but there’s a lot more to this well-written and enjoyable novel. Janie’s social anxiety leads her to encounters with six different therapists, and the author deftly guides the reader through the varying types of therapy a person with anxiety may encounter.”

“‘Next Therapist Please’ will delight romantic comedy fans, but it’s also most highly recommended as an insightful contemporary fiction novel that addresses mental health and the issues and challenges the mentally ill face every day.”

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  1. Hi Laurie, and Congratulations! I heard so much about your book, especially at the last conference; and now I will have to get it since you have re-surfaced again. These tours are wonderful at showcasing one’s works.

    Thank you Maretha for your support in showcasing Laurie.

    Liked by 1 person

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