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I’m so happy to have Laura Libricz as my guest today.  As you can see, I’m encouraging you to linger longer, savouring a cup of espresso from Umbria, Italy and enjoy the lovely roses carefully selected for you by a special little girl!

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This is Laura’s seventh and final day of her RRBC SPOTLIGHT Author Blog Tour.  By now, many of you have got to know her better and if you like historical fiction, you’ll definitely be intrigued by her well-researched first book, THE MASTER AND THE MAID which has a setting in 17th century Germany. Please feel free to comment beyond the ABOUT ME section and don’t forget to answer Laura’s question!

Laura says: “Welcome to Day 7, the final day of my #RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour. This has been a blast and I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by, especially my hosts and the RRBC. Here’s a big hug for all those who made this happen and a huge THANK YOU for this great honor!

Today I’m looking into the future and just like every good meeting, I’m going to wrap my tour up with a TO-DO list. Now, I work with bullet point lists all the time. Every Monday morning, I start the week with an empty sheet of paper. I take the list from the week past and everything that hasn’t been crossed off gets carried over to the new list. All the stuff I thought up over the weekend, most likely written on another list, gets prioritized and added to the proper column. I like to work with three to four columns. Right now, I’m working with three columns: this week, next week and long term. If I’m planning a something major, like a book release or an event, there’s more to do in advance and I’d work with three weekly columns and one long term.

What sort of stuff is on my list? The current column has everything from dentist appointments to bills that need to be paid this week. Writing goals and phone contacts I need to make and all the little tasks that tend to overwhelm me find their way onto my current list. The pile of work that needs to be done becomes manageable. Organization is no longer a question of talent—it’s time management.

My goals for the upcoming weeks include wrapping up the corrections and re-writes for The Soldier’s Return, the second novel in the Heaven’s Pond Trilogy. At the end of May, off the manuscript goes to my editor. During that time, say 4-6 weeks, I plan to write a slew of blog posts and organize some blog hops and release posts. I also want to catch up on my reading. My TBR pile is probably just as big as yours! All this goes on my list.

Long term goals include planning a September book release. There are all sorts of book clubs and writer support groups out there to help plan and execute this. I am part of the Rave Reviews Book Club. Since I joined, I have met lots of like-minded book friends, from writers to readers to editors to those who offer all-round publishing services. Together we profile, promote and propel each other, through channels like social media and blog hops like this one. With the support of our members, we can get our material out there. Since I’ve been in the RRBC, my social media presence had grown and with the help of the RRBC TST, the Tweet Support Team, I can be sure that I get major shout outs from other club members!

I’ve been part of the TST since I joined the RRBC and it’s been a great experience. I love to see what the other members are up to and together we brave the waves of the internet. This sort of support is a win-win situation: the more I promote other members the more visibility I get. Authors and everyone involved with getting books out there, like editors, formatters, cover designers, can band together to help each other. Together we are strong!

If you haven’t stopped by the RRBC yet, have a look here: Rave Reviews Book Club  And if we haven’t met on twitter, drop your handle here. You’ll find me at @lauralibricz.

What are you’re writing goals for the year? What’s on your TO-DO list this week?


Book Cover

BLURB – She’s lost her work, her home and her freedom. Now, harboring a mysterious newborn, she could lose her life.

In 17th Century Germany on the brink of the Thirty Years War, 24-year-old Katarina is traded to the patrician Sebald Tucher by her fiancé Willi Prutt in order to pay his debts. En route to her forced relocation to the Tucher country estate, Katarina is met by a crazed archer, Hans-Wolfgang, carrying a baby under his cloak. He tells her an incredible story of how his beloved was executed by a Jesuit priest for witchcraft right after the birth and makes Katarina—at sword point—swear on her life to protect the child. But protecting the child puts Katarina at risk. She could fall in disfavor with her master. She could be hunted by the zealots who killed his beloved. She could be executed for witchcraft herself. Can Katarina’s love for the baby and Sebald Tucher’s desire for her keep the wrath of the zealots at bay?

Set in Franconia, The Master and the Maid is an accurate, authentic account of a young woman’s life in Germany in the 1600’s, her struggle for freedom and her fight for those she loves.


 Laura Libricz was born and raised in Bethlehem PA and moved to Upstate New York when she was 22. After working a few years building Steinberger guitars, she received a scholarship to go to college. She tried to ‘do the right thing’ and study something useful, but spent all her time reading German literature.

She earned a BA in German at The College of New Paltz, NY in 1991 and moved to Germany, where she resides today. When she isn’t writing, she can be found sifting through city archives, picking through castle ruins or aiding the steady flood of musical instruments into the world market.

Her first novel, The Master and the Maid, is the first book of the Heaven’s Pond Trilogy. The Soldier’s Return and Ash and Rubble are the second and third books in the series.

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  1. Laura, I have enjoyed meeting with you all week and wish you the most success.I now I will love ‘The Master and The Maid. i keep to do lists always–would be lost without them. Now if I could just find them.Wishing you great success!!

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  2. Inspiring post, Laura. My to do list looks a bit like yours. Book published in September finish the first draft of the next by October. Start a new one in January. Best wishes and Thank you, Maretha for hosting.


  3. I’ve loved following your blog tour, Laura. Thank you for offering readers a glimpse of your research and writing. Impressive! And, thank you, Maretha, for hosting. I love your site and now follow. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Laura! Yes, looking back to the time we lived in Worcester; I had a fairly good childhood, and for most of the time idyllic, except when I was too much of a bookworm, neglecting to do certain tasks at home … but getting lost in a good story anywhere in the world is really, the ultimate bliss. I suppose that’s why we keep writing stories for the next wave of bookworms to devour! I hope your blog tour was a great success and I’m looking forward to read your books, soon. 🤗

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