Chocolate Roses for Valiant Bloggers

Thanks for this lovely post! I am very ignorant when it comes to some gluten free products. What exactly is “spelt” ? My eldest daughter has to follow a strict gluten-free diet, so I’m always hunting about for something new. 😄


A while ago, the fearless Daily Warrior Liz C. nominated me for a Valiant Blogger Award that she created. I am sorry, dear Liz, that it took me all this time to respond, and that’s not only due to my busy schedule this semester. Mainly, I kept thinking: why me? I’ve met quite a few awesome bloggers who are much more deserving, starting with Liz herself, a valiant person and a great blogger! But a meanie, nonetheless, because she stipulates only one nominee per nominator – how am I to choose?  Well, she is The Creator – it’s her right, and, ultimately,  I can’t say no to her, so here it is:


As a perpetual subversive element (is that why I got the award, Liz?), I am complying with the rules in the wrong order. Thank you, dear Liz, for this unique distinction! I am greatly honored to be included among…

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