They’ve Tied Themselves Up In Knots.

Way back in 1984 you already wrote prophetic words. Well, I was going to say, ‘Nothing changed’, but of course it has changed – for the worse. Thanks for sharing the Martian’s observations, Jane!

Jane Bwye

img025.jpgDeja Vu?

Here’s an article I wrote for Kenya’s Karengata Chronicle on June 9th, 1984. Thought it might make you chuckle…

If I were a Martian, up in my satellite monitoring the people and events on earth – earth, that little pinprick of a planet in the vast expanse of the Universe, in the even greater immensity of space – if I were a Martian, I would report back to HQ that this colourful planet, with its abundance of beauty and immense potential, can be classified no better than one pathetic little loony-bin of mismanagement.

Take man, for instance. The basic needs for his life are food and good health. To attain these simple goals, he needs education. Simple enough, thinks the Martian as he surveys the great granaries of the world from his satellite, sails over the oceans teaming with fish, and scans the vast herds of animals below.

Man has begun to discover…

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