The Golden Soup

What a lovely way to introduce this delicious recipe! I’m reblogging it and as winter is fast approaching, theirs golden soup will be on my list of must cooks!🌻😀🌻🌞🌟🐝


King Midas had a daughter called Marigold, and he loved her more than anything, and he wanted to give her the best, the finest, the fanciest, and the most expensive things in the world. That required lots of gold, and even though he had plenty, there is never a limit to gold fever, is there? Especially if the reason for it is so noble – nothing but the best for a beloved child! Sounds familiar, right?


But Marigold wasn’t interested in Gucci-Pucci and Louboutin shoes. She enjoyed her garden, she wanted to share the beauty of her flowers with her father, and she felt sad when he didn’t have time for her because he was busy counting his gold. Oh, he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold so he wouldn’t have to worry about the price of that Judith Lieber clutch for Marigold!


One day, when he…

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