My Review – Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul – Anthology

I don’t often get enough time to sit back and really enjoy being a bookworm, but I’m glad I did find the time to read Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul – an Anthology.  Tell me what you think of this lovely collection to be found at this link:

Here is a copy of my review.


This delightful anthology has so many wonderful facets which thrill me every time I revisit a chosen story. For easy reference, readers who acquire the eBook can click on a favourite category – and they have so much to choose from. Without falling into the trap of writing an essay instead of a review, I’ll try my best to highlight some of them, but really, I highly recommend reading everything.

POETRY: Nonnie Jules – ‘Before They Came’ touched my heart as a mother and I shed a few tears. Traci Sanders – ‘A Mother’s Hands’ resonated with me, remembering my own mother’s hands with so much fondness and love. All the poems, although diverse were wonderful to read out load.  I read some to my husband and afterwards it gave us an opportunity for quiet reflection.

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES had me in stitches.  All the writers deserve the greatest of praise, giving such fond insights into the magical carefree years of children, reviving the ‘inner-child’ in me.

CONFESSIONS OF A WRITER: I was on the same page with Nonnie Jules – “When you know what you know, what you know you know” – writers need to appreciate their own work’s worth; Tim Hemlin muses on the positives of loving poetry, referring to memorable quotes from poets such as John Adams – “You’re never alone with a poet in your pocket” – and really that “poets remind us the depth of their emotions.” And Traci Sanders sums up why writers do what they do – “My words have power … to teach … to bring joy, fear, sadness, peace and comfort to others. The power to heal.” Breath-taking stuff!

ENCOURAGEMENT: Harmony Kent penned a collection of eight poignant short stories – ‘After You’ – about the loss of a loved one and the various stages of grief.  This is an outstanding and uplifting collection.

FAITH AND HOPE: Four short stories remind the reader to appreciate every moment of life, to have faith, pray often and never neglect the wonderful gift of having family – truly inspiring!

FAMILY and FRIENDS really follows on perfectly.  Judith Barrow’s ‘Stitched Up’ and ‘Cloud Movers’ by Rea Nolan Martin looks closer at siblings, who despite their arguments have the same filial fondness, stretching from one generation to the next.

INSPIRATION, LESSONS LEARNED, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: I enjoyed reading and rereading many of these stories. I cried when I finished ‘The Thief’ by Ava Louise (wonderful for anyone who has ever loved an animal) and Beam Week’s ‘Sweetie Girl’ – tragic, but familiar to all who have seen loved ones suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. A must read.

SCI-FI and FANTASY: Although I’m not familiar with the genre, I enjoyed ‘World of Kaynar!’ by A.G. Moye taking us to a fantastical past, and John Fioravanti’s trilogy, ‘Musings’ – a glimpse of the future when a few remaining humans escape Earth’s annihilation by a super-virus (I liked this take on Earth’s destruction) and the immediate conflict which arises at their new home between the ‘Churchers’ and the ‘Scum’… This will thrill Sci-Fi fans.

WHY I WRITE: Five brilliant authors truly provide ‘soup’ for the writer’s soul in providing five servings of the best meal a writer – new or experienced – needs to reinforce their passion for writing. Thank you to each and every contributor.  This is a must read book, worthy of space on my bookshelf.


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